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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Complaints Prevention Team – Possible Guest Complaints

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Complaints Prevention Team knows that people who stay in hotels expect them to be well maintained. They have other expectations about any hotel they are staying in. It does not matter if it is a low cost budget hotel or the most expensive hotel in the city. Not every guest is going to be happy with their hotel room. Since they are spending their money, they feel they have the right to complain about it. The complaint prevention team can play a vital role in limiting the complaints that a hotel receives. One of the ways to do this is by knowing the things that people complain about the most. If they know these things they can make sure that an effort is made so they do not occur.

  • The room smells or has a strange odor
  • The mattress is too soft or too hard
  • Too much noise from the street
  • Rude staff or  staff that does not care
  • Air conditioner does not work or the room is too hot when the guest arrives
  • Bugs in the room
  • No or not enough electrical outlets
  • Dirty room especially dirty bathrooms
  • No hot water
  • Things stolen from room
  • No remote control for television or it does not work
  • Not enough bedding for the room
  • Room service takes too long
  • Free breakfast is not very good
  • Bill is wrong or too high

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Complaints knows many of these problems should never occur. If the complaint prevention team is doing its job, it will use this list to make sure that guests cannot complain about many of these things. It is not perfect but it can help.

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