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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints Reduction Group Covers Common Complaints

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints reduction group knows that any traveler that stays in a hotel hopes that they will get everything they need from the hotel that they stay at. Unfortunately that does not always happen. That is why a hotel or resort needs to have a complaint prevention team in place. Their job is to make sure that every guest is made happy. If a guest has a complaint is this team’s job to make sure that it is dealt with satisfactorily. The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints reduction group has put together a list of the most common complaints that they hear.

  • Lost reservation – This happens before the guest is even staying at the hotel. For one reason or another, the reservation cannot be found. The guest will blame the hotel even if it may have been their fault.
  • Giving a smoking room to a non-smoker – Most hotels offer non-smoking and smoking rooms. A non-smoker will not be happy when they get a room that smells like stale smoke.
  • Room is dirty – This is the most common complaint. The room may not be as clean as the guest expects it to be when they check in.
  • The hotel is not as it is pictured – Some hotel use tricks to make the pictures of their facilities look better. When the guest sees what they really look like, they are not happy.
  • Rude Staff – This should never happen in a hotel.

While these complaints may be common, the way they are handled will vary. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints reduction group knows that the best hotels will resolve any issues a guest has quickly and properly.

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