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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints Prevention Group Cautions about Reward Cards

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints prevention group knows that the use of credit cards is very common. A credit card allows people to buy many things they do not have the money for at the time and allows them to pay it back later. When used responsibly, a credit card is a great tool.

Many people choose the credit card they used because they get rewards for using it. Travel rewards are very common. A credit card can offer you miles that will allow you to buy plane tickets or can help you get free stays at hotels. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints prevention group understands that if you use your credit card a lot, the rewards can build up quickly. In some ways the travel rewards cards are great, but the scam prevention team also knows that they can be dangerous and expensive. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints prevention group presents several ways that the reward cards can cost you more money than they save.

·         Interest rates – The rewards cards carry higher interest rates than cards without rewards. If you are carrying a balance this can make the cards more expensive.

·         Annual Fees – An annual fee is just another way to charge you interest on the card. This fee could make the cost of using the rewards card a lot higher than you imagine.

·         Restricted Use – This is where the cards feel like they are a scam. You build up your rewards, but when you try to redeem them, you find out that the dates you want are not available. These dates are often called blackout dates and they are usually the times when people would be most likely to want to use the rewards.

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